Hello! My name is Luca Trussoni and LTlogics is my company.

I am a freelance developer, specialized in applied mathematics. I worked as an employee for nearly 20 years, building up experience in quantitative finance, risk management and engineering fields, applying statistics, data science and computational mathematics to design and development of applications in different languages (python, R, matlab, C++). 

Have a look around and see if there’s something I can do for you. If you want to get in touch please visit the contact page.

What we do


Development of desktop and mobile applications. We're also happy developing (python) scripts to automate processes or help you softwares work together.


Building physical devices is truly our passion: CAD design, circuit design, embedded software coding are all areas we can help you with.

Data science

Data science means a lot of things: mathematical modeling and machine learning are my fields. I developed quantitative models for finance and engineering for nearly 20 years, taking care of prototyping, data pipe design, implementation, testing and roll out. Let me know if I can help you.

Risk Management

Luca is a certified financial risk manager (GARP FRM). I can help you assessing risks and implementing different frameworks and standards in financial and industrial environments.


LTlogics Story Log

In the Blog of LTlogics I will show code snippets, some ideas for devices, adventures in website fixing, and any other thing I find funny, interesting or relevant. Have a nice read!


Published Papers

Link to Luca's ResearchGate profile where you can find research papers.

LTlogics Repository

Link to Luca's GitHub repository where you can find some ideas, Jupyter notebooks, etc.

Local resources

Downloadable resources hosted on this website. Currently under construction.